A Self published Book. NADA, are pictures of nature, landscapes from Gerês. These are forms, movements, as fast (like water) or as slow (like stones), sculpted and altered by forces of nature, resorting to a "classic" language of photography, without tricks, respecting, within which photography is the objects it represents. Although realistic, being in color and without specific photographic techniques, it appeals to the ability of this medium to create autonomous readings, far beyond the object it reproduces. As if it creates parallel realities, with life of its own, from existing, concrete objects. NADA also refers to the narrative capacity of the book to structurally affirm an idea. It proposes readings that sustain and change when passing each page. This project is structured in absence, to which the title refers, more than in presence. It proposes simplicity, silence and reflection. It is an effort to explore a frontier between the real and the abstract that, with photography, it seems, the closer to the real and faithful to the object it records, the more poetic it seems to become.